2020 Lobby Day
& evening reception
Date TBD
Washington, DC

Annual Evening Reception

The night before we head to Capitol Hill we’ll host our fourth annual Secular Evening Reception. At this exclusive event, we’ll connect with lawmakers, including Members of the Congressional Freethought Caucus, who have stood up for secular values, nontheistic Americans, and the separation of church and state.

Lobby Lawmakers

A true Washington experience, Lobby Day is an opportunity to meet sitting members of Congress. Not only will you get to share your perspective with elected officials and their staff, but you will also get a firsthand take from them on laws and issues currently before the House and Senate.

Make your voice heard

The Trump Administration and their allies are actively working to tear down the wall between church and state. It is more important than ever that Members of Congress experience a Secular Lobby Day and hear from voices from across the nation like yours.