Lobby Day Agenda

Day 1
24 Apr 2018

Secular Awards Dinner

At this event, we will honor the members of Congress, the media, and everyday activists who have shown courage fighting for secular values, nontheistic Americans, and the separation of church and state. The Secular Awards Dinner is your chance to mix and mingle with the lawmakers and leaders who are shaping national politics. Tickets for this event must be purchased separately from (or in addition to) registration for Lobby Day.
Day 2
25 Apr 2018

Welcome Session

Our Executive Director, Larry T. Decker, will offer opening remarks to kick off the day.

The Sword versus the Shield: A Discussion on Religious Freedom

Attendees will be advocating for and against diametrically opposed bills: one expands civil rights and rolls back religious privilege, while the other weaponizes religion to discriminate and roll back hard-won civil rights. Panelists will discuss the Do No Harm Act and the First Amendment Defense Act in the context of a larger discussion about how advocates for the separation of church and state can reclaim the phrase “religious freedom” from the religious right.

Lobby Training

A master class in political activism taught by the Washington experts. Our lobby training will teach how to effectively engage lawmakers and their staff about the issues. This hands-on course will ensure that you go into your meetings feeling prepared, confident, and ready to make an impact.

Breakout Sessions

By popular demand, these breakout sessions will give you an opportunity to rehearse for your meetings and ask us questions. Practice makes perfect and this session will give you time to prepare with fellow attendees from your state.

Lunch and Breakout Sessions Continued

You can’t be an effective advocate on an empty stomach! Lunch is included in the cost of registration and will be served at the Capitol Skyline Hotel. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available.

Leave for Capitol Hill

We will drive as a group from the Capitol Skyline Hotel to Capitol Hill. From there, you will split off into your assigned group to attend meetings with your congressional offices.